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...we should never tell someone with a broken leg that they should stop wallowing and get it together.

...we shouldn't treat mental health conditions any differently...

-Michelle Obama

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1 in 5*

*at least of the world's population has some sort of mental health issue, which includes children and adolescents


Mental illness is present in all societies and cultures, all economic statuses, every type of demographic you can imagine; it truly does not discriminate

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is a


Created by licensed mental health professionals, individuals who you can look up and verify their credentials, sukoon aims not to replace your mental health providers that you may already have, but supplement them with a mental health hub 

with resources, education, and a community so that you know that

you are not alone



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  • The way we consume and collect information has changed, and sukoon is a firm believer that quality content created by licensed mental health professionals can have immense value

  • Blog entries, editorials, articles, and the email newsletter compromise most of the dynamic written content

  • Video content by our professionals provides easy to consume information, such as parenting tips, guided meditations, daily affirmations, explanations of complicated issues, and more

  • A podcast available in video and audio only format on various platforms, featuring discussions between team members and guests about current topics and challenges in the field, in the community, in the world


  • One of the main issues with mental health access is the siloing of information and lack of communication between and even within the disciplines

  • sukoon aims to unify the various mental health fields and create a one-stop-shop for mental health information

  • Compiling information on medications used in psychiatry, providing easy to consume risk vs benefit analysis, as well as potential access options

  • Worksheets for certain psychotherapy skills such as an anger thermometer

  • Tracking sheets such as for monitoring mood compared to menstrual cycle

  • Myths vs facts on diagnoses, as well as real life application, because as licensed mental health professionals, we know that the DSM was designed for research and not labeling


  • Our goal with sukooon is to create a supportive online community of like minded members who are all seeking that inner peace

  • The team members interact with our membership, such as with Q&A sessions or through our online forum

  • Challenges led by the team members help to foster accountability and motivation

  • Book/movie clubs help with the discussion of portrayal of mental health in mainstream media

  • While content provided will be from our licensed mental health professionals, the idea is to be a collaborative space

  • As the best people in their fields know, a doctor who does not learn from or listen to their patients is not a doctor worth having

First Time Membership


sukoon will always have a free option, but the full benefits become unlocked with a low-cost monthly membership, about the cost of a gourmet coffee drink

Full and premium memberships unlock additional access to our team of licensed mental health professionals and their content, the database, as well as the sukoon community of members

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